You made it. You made it You made it. You are messy family now, part of our pack of wolves. I’m so happy you’re here.

I know Life is Messy Bootcamp may have required a huge leap of faith for you. I’m deeply honored that you put your trust in me. But more importantly, that you put your trust in yourself. This is YOUR TIME!!!

I promise you, Life is Messy Bootcamp will change you. Get ready to unlearn how to become a robot, so you can be gorgeously human, flawed + FABULOUS.

I’m Mayi Carles + I’ll be your Captain for this mission. Destination: Your metaphorical Mount Everest. Yes, that crazy dream you can’t seem to get off your mind. That one. Exactly. Deep down, I know you long to reach the summit, but stuff keeps getting in the way, doesn’t it?

So what does it take for transformation? For a BIG breakthrough, cuz I know you’re not messing around here. Not another year of “lessons” + “progress” + “slowly transitioning into…”. I know you want freaking abundance alright. The real deal. So what does it take? To own your legacy. To leave your mark so the whole world knows you were here? Well, I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I will teach you how to ask the right questions + will give you the tools you need to make 2015 a year of steady acceleration, a year of radical happiness, heck YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!



Life is Messy Bootcamp is a yearlong mastermind for creative entrepreneurs who have a big desire to make a real difference in the world, but don’t want to be chained to a to-do list. You’ll always have something to look forward to without feeling overwhelmed that there is too much to digest at once.

  • The curriculum is composed of THIRTY building blocks spread across SIX training modules with FIVE core lessons each. No sleep-inducing crap fillers you don’t really need + will likely never use + just take up space in your life, that’s called clutter + clutter is smelly. Instead, each teeny tiny particle that makes up this course has been carefully hand-picked + tweaked just for you, for maximum performance + results.
  • New voyages depart on Mondays. You’ll be invited via e-mail to join the just unlocked adventure + watch the video lesson + get messy with the missions + play with the complementary fun sheets. Once a class goes live, it’s permanently ongoing + students can revisit time + time again, as needed.
  • Live coaching calls happen quarterly to help you turn good intentions into action. This is a place to ask tough questions + talk about the sticky stuff that gets in the way. You’re bound to leave each sessions feeling empowered (with a handful of unique solutions for your one-of-a-kind dilemmas) + most certainly loved. Access to the recordings will also be available inside the “Messy Hours” tab in case you’re having a baby or sipping mojitos in the Bahamas.
  • This 2015 edition of Life is Messy Bootcamp runs from January 28, 2015 + ends December 31, 2015. And by “ends” I really mean “make room” for the 2016 season, which of course you get for FREE + you’re welcome to join.



A couple of things I must get out of my chest:

  • There are no random or superfluous exercises inside Life is Messy Bootcamp. Everything is there for a reason. Do not skip or rush through. Even if you think “I know this already” + “I’ve done this stuff before”, show up, wholeheartedly + do the work, fully, it will make a HUGE impact to your bottom line. You’ll know I’m right when you get your first, “Holy sh*t, I never thought about it that way” moment.
  • If things get frustrating + emotional in the middle, that’s OKAY. Trust that mess is part of the beautiful process. If you get stuck, make sure you come to the live Messy Hours + you raise your hand in our private Facebook community. You’re not alone.
  • There is no wrong way to do this program. There’s no space for “I’m falling behind” or “I’m missing out”. You are where you need to be. Trust that you will get exactly what you need from this program. You’ll meet the people you’re meant to meet. You’ll have the breakthroughs you need to have. You’ll see the comments you’ve meant to see. Overwhelm is a choice, so choose wise my young padawan.
  • Don’t confuse “I want this to be the best year ever” with “I want to be perfect.” Perfectionism is self-destructive. That’s why when you strive to look perfect + do everything perfectly, you’ll inevitably find yourself eating your entire fridge for dessert to take the edge off. It’s a vicious pattern. You are not built for striving. You don’t strive. You are already everything. You didn’t come here to be perfect. You already are. Your job here is to unlearn how to be Robocop so you can live through the grace of stumbling + messing up. Often.
  • This program is designed as a cohesive group adventure with scheduled lessons + seasonal challenges, but you’re totally welcome to camp solo + take a nap whenever you damn want to. Absolutely everything you need will be here when you decide to come back from the Bermuda Triangle + it’s yours to keep FOR-EVAH! You get perpetual access to all new versions + revamps, every year… for FREE!!!
  • I might be the nicest person you’ll ever meet, but I’m also the craziest. I lose it, I mean LOSE IT, when a customer is nasty to me/my team/any member of this community. I really have no tolerance for bitchiness + toxic people or abusive behavior, so you have my permission to point me in the direction of anyone who’s being a pain in the ass, so I can quickly show them out the door. Thanks for patrolling the corridors + helping us build the best clubhouse in the galaxy.



To protect your privacy, our fancy pants membership platform tracks user visits + blocks suspicious accounts, so if you suspect a troll has stolen your login info, please contact us immediately at to make sure your membership is not shut down for misuse or abuse.



I love sharing. Sharing is caring. Re-distributing Life is Messy Bootcamp to friends + family, well, not so much. That would be considered copyright infringement. Life is Messy Bootcamp is for personal use only, so please keep the material to yourself. If you love the program, I have a super generous affiliate program + a pretty webpage where you can send your people if you’d like, so they can make a personal investment, just like you did. Thank you so much for supporting this tiny Panamanian artist with a T-Rex heart.

See you in on the playground!

From the messy desk of,

Captain Mayi Carles




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